Our schools are severely underfunded. Stand to give kids the education they deserve.

Every year, the amount of state funding for schools covers less of what it costs to ensure all children receive a quality education. This must change.

Students are suffering under the current system.

Massachusetts hasn’t updated its education funding formula in 26 years. Under this outdated system, kids who need the most resources and support are being neglected and overlooked. Every day lawmakers fail to fix the formula, the achievement gap between students in wealthy and low-income school districts widens, and the promising futures of so many children are put in jeopardy.
The state has been underfunding property-poor districts and leaving behind English language learners, special education students, and children from low-income families. No child should be punished just because they live in the wrong zip code. It’s time for lawmakers to correct this gross inequity and ensure ALL Massachusetts students have access to high quality education.

Fair funding for MA schools begins with you. Take action now.

Our children can’t afford another year of inaction!

Lawmakers must fully fund the Foundation Budget Review Commission’s 2015 recommendations with a specific emphasis on ensuring that students from low-income backgrounds and students who are learning English receive the resources and support they need to succeed.

Funds must be used to support resources that would improve early literacy rates and high school success rates of all students. Funds must also be directed to hire more literacy coaches, provide screening tools for learning disabilities, professional development for teachers, and to acquire more advanced educational technology. The lack of these resources in high needs schools has contributed to the problem and the lack of equity. Because family engagement is crucial in the development of a child’s learning, funding also needs to be directed to support parent engagement personnel, parent-teacher organizations, after school programs, and info sessions to explain new initiatives and learning.

Ursula’s Story

My daughter Kyrah is attending the same schools that I went to, and nothing has changed except the building is now older. It frustrates me that our district is still struggling with funding, and our children are the ones who will suffer.

When I was in middle school, we didn’t have enough teachers for electives, so grades were combined, often overcrowding the classroom. We also didn’t have enough books, so my teacher would pass out photocopies of the readings. My daughter’s school is just as strapped for tools and materials as we were. Our children do not have access to any technology or Wi-Fi, and the building is not big enough to hold the growing number of students. Something must be done. I attend school budget meetings, and all I hear is these resources need to be cut, and this staff member needs to be let go. Enough is enough.

Elsa’s Story

Class sizes keep getting larger and larger, and activities continue to be slashed at my son’s school. His building is very old and not well ventilated, because of this he is either let out of school early or school is canceled when the weather is bad. This robs him of valuable instructional time.

My son struggles with reading and writing but because of the lack of funding, he had to stop getting one-on-one help from a reading specialist. My son deserves more—his future and basic skills development are at stake. To save his future, I’m going to advocate to ensure all children receive the quality education they deserve.

Audrey’s Story

I’m afraid of the environment my children walk into every day – leaks from ceilings, not enough books, and overcrowded classrooms. I’m standing up for their education to make sure they get the quality education that others, only 15 minutes away are getting. It’s not right that zip codes determine the quality of the education our kids receive.

I’m fed up. Something must change. The more parents who join this movement, the stronger we will be. We must convince legislators that they need to fully fund our schools.

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